Motorbiking the Northern Loop – Laos

Videos and snapshots from a month-long, 3,000+ kilometer motorbike ride through the northern loop of Laos and across the border into Vietnam.

Clouds cutting through the mountainside in Nong Khiaw
Kuang Si Falls
Joy Hostel in Vang Vieng
Sunset at Joy Hostel, Vang Vieng

Plain of Jars. Dated to the Iron Age is one of the most important prehistoric sites in Southeast Asia.

Lao legends tell of a race of giants who inhabited the area and who were ruled by a king. The king fought a long and ultimately victorious battle against an enemy. He supposedly created the jars to brew and store huge amounts of alcohol (rice beer and wine) to celebrate his victory.

Another suggested explanation for the jars’ use is to collect monsoon rainwater for caravan travelers along their journey at times when rain may have been seasonal and water was not readily available on the easiest footpaths. Rainwater would then be boiled, even if stagnant, to become potable again.

Nong Khiaw river
Lookout over Nong Khiaw
Joseph Pallante
Joseph Pallante
An avid traveller, Joe enjoys spending time exploring the New Zealand countryside. In his spare time, he travels around in his campervan, writes about nature and how to live a frugal and sustainable lifestyle.

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