Đà Lạt & The Clay Village Wonderland

Da Lat has been known as a small charming city with vast flower gardens, winding mountain roads, green pine forests and hospitable people. The Clay Tunnel or Da Lat model village of clay sculptures is a highlight and must-see destination for travelers in the central highlands province of Lam Dong.

Detailed Church and Train carved into the red clay

The Clay Village covers over 1,200 square meters of lush pine forest, and it’s a new artificial wonderland with unique architectural masterpieces meticulously created with red clay thanks to the skillful hands of talented artisans.

clay village dalat dragon

At the entrance of the village, a large dragon sculpture water fountain awaits. From the claws up along the arms to the dragon’s face and back, scales are evenly sculpted. The amount of detail and time that went into the entire piece was impressive.

A beached catfish lies just along the artificial river in the town. In the background and across the bridge a massive airplane sits.

Stranger creations can be found such as a clay frog sitting on a motorbike and lightbulbs with flames shooting out the ends.

Elephants along the tunnel. A snake wrapped around a log opposite a large turtle. Monkeys and other animals can be found. Ants on a log.

Known for their gardens, Da Lat doesn’t disappoint. To cap off the hour spent walking around and exploring the clay village, a vast hydrangea garden on a hillside can be found. Make sure to take a break and catch some shade under the huts that also sell cold and refreshing coconuts and ice cream.

Joseph Pallante
Joseph Pallante
An avid traveller, Joe enjoys spending time exploring the New Zealand countryside. In his spare time, he travels around in his campervan, writes about nature and how to live a frugal and sustainable lifestyle.

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