Exploring Siem Reap & The Kingdom of Cambodia

Cambodia. It may be a harsh country with a still-recent raw past, but it’s filled with some of the most amazing people, rich history, delicious food, beautiful sunsets, and a lively nightlife. It’s a country still trying to find its way. In all my visits there, I always fall more in love with the place and can’t recommend it...

The Magic of Myanmar

Myanmar is an untouched country, for now. It’s like taking a step into a time machine going back 50 years or more. From the hospitality in Mandalay to the sunsets in Bagan, the indigenous people of Inle Lake, and the onset of modernity in Yangon, it’s a beautiful place with beautiful people. In Mandalay, I stayed at a place called Dreamland Guesthouse, which...

A Sea of Motorbikes – Traffic in Hanoi

Getting around town is crazy intense. Criss-crossing, zig-zagging, every which way you can imagine, a chaotic scene for someone observing the traffic here for the first time, but in reality it’s a synchronized, skillful, know what you’re doing or get out of the way, dance. I join the swarm and make my way through the side streets of the...

Shanghai Street Life

I’ve recently been playing a game almost every other day now for about a month. I sit on the second floor of a coffee shop, look out the window and can people watch from above. The game is “count as many people you can see glued to their phones”. Within less than 5 minutes you’ll easily be able to...

Cat Ba Island Getaway

Getting from Hanoi to Cat Ba Island is super convenient. We were able to catch a train from Long Bien station and rode about 2.5 hours into Haiphong City. We spent the night in the city and caught the ferry from the pier the next morning. The ferry was about $8 and took us around 45 minutes to get...

Exploring Osaka & Nara Prefecture

With around 19 million people and as the 2nd largest city in Japan, Osaka was quite the experience. I flew in from Hanoi around the end of November and was immediately struck by how organized and orderly things seemed to be. Getting the bus tickets at the airport to get into town, even the ‘outdated’ technology seemed clean, precise,...

Saigon, Vung Tau, & Da Lat

I’ve been to Vietnam many times. Each visit has been a special and unique experience. From the food to the coffee, the various landscapes, and places to visit and see, the friendly locals. I’m always trying to figure out a way to get back as soon as possible. From the balcony of my hostel along Bui Vien Street, I can...

The Perks of Living in a Resort in Vietnam

Due to the rapid development of the Vietnamese hospitality industry, a unique situation has arisen here. The cost of hotels is incredibly low relative to the quality. The housing market in Vietnam is booming. Prices of property continue to rise steadily in the city centers. Because of competition amongst hotels, you can find tons of 4-star resorts and hotels...

Neon-lit Caves & The Stone Forest – Yunnan

Traveling to Yunnan can be difficult as a foreigner especially because of the language barrier. I guess that’s why it took my parents almost 3 years to come visit me! Attempting to be a tour guide was an experience. From the miscommunication about losing pre-booked train tickets (I’m looking at you, Ctrip!) to having my Dad getting lost for...

Scuba Diving in El Nido – Palawan

Spanish for ‘the nest’, El Nido is the gateway to Palawan island in the Philippines. The town is sandwiched between towering limestone cliffs and Bacuit Bay, is cluttered with buildings that creep onto the beach with businesses that cater to tourists. Spending a few weeks here we hopped to different parts via ferry. Keeping a hammock ready proved useful, not...
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